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Because we have a webshop on (for the jewerly) and not on

Orders for giftvouchers come to Roeselare, we send them to the buyers. They can use the voucher in every Inksane location. If you receive such giftvoucher you save it and then you invoice the same amount to Roeselare.
So they cost you nothing. The giftboxes are paid by Inksane Roeselare.

You will see the difference in giftcertificates that have been sold by us or by you. The adress should be on the voucher.

So if your customer pays with a giftvoucher of 100€:
If it has your adress on it: that customer paid you in the past already.
If it has Inksane Roeselare on it: that customer paid Inksane Roeselare in the past, so now you have to invoice Inksane Roeselare for 100€.